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November 29, 2016

Emergency Plumber Appleby Call 017687 75812

Emergency Plumber Appleby Here at Cumbria Emergency Plumbers¬† we received a call from a gentleman in Appleby who told us there was a leak from an outside toilet. When we got there we found a very old disused toilet in… Continue reading →

Bothel Emergency Plumber Bothel 01900 878334

We received a call from a gentleman in Bothel who had a fast leak from the pipe to his outside top.Our emergency plumber Bothel was at the property within 30 minutes of the call and found a nasty split in… Continue reading →

Plumber Wigton 01228 812604

¬† Plumber Wigton Here at Cumbria Emergency Plumbers we received a a call from a lady in Wigton saying that water was dripping through a ceiling. Our emergency plumber was at the property within 45 minutes of the call and… Continue reading →

Keswick Plumber 017687 75812

Keswick Plumber received a call from a holiday cottage company saying that the water pressure was very low in one of their cottages in Thornthwaite.Our emergency Keswick Plumber was on site within the hour and quickly discovered that the water… Continue reading →

Grasmere Plumber Grasmere Call 01539 468059

The other day we received a call from a gentleman in Grasmere who had a leaking stopcock under the sink and needed a Plumber in Grasmere. The stopcock had had a slight drip for a while but had suddenly got… Continue reading →

Keswick Emergency Plumber 017687 75812

The other day we received a call from the Youth Hostel Association saying there was a leak from one of the showers in the Keswick branch and they needed a Keswick Emergency Plumber. Being right next door to us here… Continue reading →

Emergency Plumber Cockermouth Call 01900 878334

Emergency Plumber Cockermouth Yesterday here at Cumbria Emergency Plumber Cockermouth we received a call from a gentleman in Cockermouth. He explained that he had arrived back from a day out walking on the fells to his Cockermouth cottage find a… Continue reading →

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