Plumber Bampton Grange Penrith

Plumber Bampton Grange Penrith

The other day we received a call from a lady who owned a farm in Bampton Grange near Askam,

Penrith. The lady explained how a leak had appeared in the ceiling of her living room and seemed

to appear every time hot water was used in any of the hot water taps in the upstairs bathroom.

We went straight there and were on site within 25 minutes of the initial enquiry ( we pride ourselves

on our rapid service). Having noticed the area where the leak was we went upstairs and noticed

a damp patch on the floor in the exact location where the ceiling stain was, so cut a hole through the

lathe and plaster stud wall beneath the sink. Here we found the offending poly plumb elbow which

was leaking which we promptly repaired, cleaned up leaving the lady and her family happy in the

knowledge that the leak was fixed. It is always a pleasure to visit rural locations to see beautiful old

houses which invariably spring leaks from time to time as the plumbing is often old. So if you

live in a farm house or old building in the Askam or Penrith and need a plumber urgently call us

on 017687 75812 and we will get straight to you  instantly.