Plumber Shap

It is always a pleasure at Cumbria Emergency Plumbers to attend plumbing emergencies at West Lane, Shap, a very charming village

we always like to visit. The other day we received a call from a gentleman in Shap who said there was a leak which he

believed was coming from a cylinder in his attic. This was just following Christmas and was in his parents house. The

water had been therefore turned off for the whole period and his friend who had meant to do it had flu and had not been

able to attend so that is why it had been left so long. I changed the faulty inlet valve to the header tank in the attic for a

brand new state of the art one which came with a five year guarantee ( peace of mind I am sure). Later it emerged that

the inlet valve in the header tank was not the only fault, there was indeed another leak this time from the next door

neighbours toilet which was affecting his property as the water was coming through the wall into his hallway.

We isolated the toilet water supply leaving it to the owner who said he had a friend in the building trade who would

fix it the next day. The important thing is the elderly couple and their son were able to relax as there would now no

longer be any more water ingress into their hall wall. So if you live in Shap or anywhere in that area or surrounding

villages and have any kind of plumbing emergency please call us for a lightening fast response on 017687 75812.

Plumber Shap