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The other day we received a call from a gentleman in Stainton who told us there

was water coming through his ceiling from the upstairs bathroom. There was a

bidet and toilet next to each other and it wasn’t immediately obvious which one

was leaking. Certainly it was not coming from any area of pipe that was above the

floor (which was a shame as that would have been quicker and easier to fix

and would have been less disruption to the family)

The best way for me to get to the leak was not to take up the floor but to cut a hole

in the plasterboard from the ceiling below. The reason for this was that the bathroom

floor had vinyl floor that had been professionally fitted and a tight tongue and groove

floor below it. Also there was no guarantee that we could have found the correct area.

Going from underneath we could hit the nail right on the head. Whilst this was inconvenient

it was a lot quicker than going the other way round saving them valuable money at the

end of the day. Once they had agreed it was alright to cut a hole in the ceiling I discovered

the leak, in fact not just one but two leaks on a small section of the pipe supplying cold

water to the bidet. The first leak that I found was a pinhole leak in the copper pipe, a common

problem with copper pipes is that they do develop these pinholes leaks naturally over time, a reason

why we prefer plastic john guest piping ( this never happens to that) It is also far less likely to split

in cold weather. We then found a second leak up the same piece of pipe in a compression fitting. We

cut the section of pipe out and simply reconnected the flexible isolation tap connector curing both

leaks in one fell swoop. The family were happy that their water supply could be reinstated and the

small hole was covered over so that a plasterer could come and sort that out in the future.

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