Plumber Temple Sowerby

It is always a pleasure to go to Temple Sowerby so when we received an enquiry from a gentleman there

we were there within 20 minutes ( a pretty good response time even though we say it ourselves!)

The gentleman explained that the syphon and the inlet valve on his toilet needed replacing.

There had been resulting in water leakage and he had been forced to turn his water off two days earlier.

It was somewhat of a challenge as the toilet was an Italian made 1970’s retro design. The bolts that

connected the cystern to the pan had completely seized so we had to use special techniques and cut them

off with a hacksaw.From there we changed to syphon, which had snapped in half, for a brand new fluidmaster

dual flush push button one and the inlet valve to the highest quality brass shank one on the market. After

reconnecting all the pipes we left the lady and gentleman happy in the knowledge that we would not have to

replace the rest of the bathroom suite at that time, and were also very happy to have their water supply reconnected

so they could get on with their everyday lives. So if you live in Temple Sowerby and A66 area and have any plumbing enquiry please

call on us on 017687 75812 and we will endeavour to attend to that straightaway with our usual lightening fast response.

Plumber Temple Sowerby