Emergency Plumber Cleator

An emergency callout to sort out a leak in sink was attended by our Emergency Plumber Cleator at Trumpet Road in Cleator.

We received a call saying the tap in the kitchen sink had been dripping for a while and had got progressively worse. It had got to the point where it was needing urgent attention.

Our Emergency Plumber Cleator popped round and noticed that the mixer taps that were leaking required a very specific type of cartridge to repair the leak.

Unfortunately there was no name on the tap and the owner did not know where they were purchased. This meant that finding the correct cartridge for that particular tap would be very difficult. ( It is always a good idea to keep a note of the brand and type of tap you have for future maintenance)

After explaining this to the owner he asked our plumber to simply change the entire tap for a new one. This was an item that was carried in stock and could be carried out immediately. Upon these instructions the old tap was swiftly whipped off and a new one installed.

Taps for kitchens and bathrooms sometimes have cartridges which need to be exact replicas or they cannot be repaired. This is unfortunate when there is an expensive tap. With this in mind it might be an idea to look for taps with simple washers in rather than cartridges. If you forget the manufacturer you can just use a washer and then a dripping tap cane be repaired by simply changing the washer rather than using an exact cartridge type. Having said that older taps can be difficult to open up even if they do contain a washer that needs replacing. In which case it is usually advisable to change older taps to new ones than trying to repair them.

On the subject of taps it is also very important that they are securely fastened on the underside of the sink. This is because if they are loose or move they could then start leaking from the underside which could become an urgent situation.


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