Plumber Natland

Our plumber Natland attended a leak in ceiling at Shanny Lane, Natland.

The source of the leak was found and quickly fixed and the customer was very happy.

We are always at hand to offer a fast and efficient service for all your urgent plumbing problems so please call us on 01539 468059.

We strive to offer you the fastest service possible and are usually with you in about an hour from your first telephone call.

Being in the middle of a plumbing nightmare can be a very stressful time and strive to redude your stress by offering the best service available.

There are a couple of things that you yourself can do to further reduce the stress from the situation.

Perhaps the most important thing that you must know is the location of your inside water stopcock,so that you can turn the water to your home off until the cavalry arrive.

The stopcock is most often located in the cupboard under your kitchen sink but may be in another location so find out.It is often a large brass tap handle which you turn in a clockwise direction to turn the water off.

The next thing every householder should know is where the main outside stopcock valve is situated.Sometimes there is no inside stopcock or it just cant be found making it even more important to know where it is or the inside stopcock may be faulty and ancient or the leak may be between the two stopcocks.Either way it is very important to know.Usually its quite easy to find the outside stopcock as its most often at the front of the property under a square of round plate with a W on the front.

If you cant find it contact your local water authority who will be able to locate it for you.