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Emergency Plumber Troutbeck


Our Emergency Plumber Troutbeck was called to an urgent leaking toilet in Troutbeck South Cumbria.

We were told that for some time water had been noticed on the floor around the toilet which they had thought had been splashed from the sink or had been someone missing the toilet.

However they then eventually noticed that the water was coming from the join between the pan and the cistern each time it was flushed.

This was very helpful as it helped us realise that the toilet would need a new washer. It possibly may also need a new syphon. Our plumber was on site within 30 minutes of the initial enquiry. He noticed that toilet was very old. It had a number of issues not just the leak that had been previously described. There was a hairline crack in the porcelain of the cistern which had developed from years of people flushing hard on the handle for years, between the handle and the inlet pipe.

Furthermore the diaphragm washer on the syphon was faulty meaning the toilet had to flush multiple times before it would operate. Although still functioning the old ball cock inlet valve was whistling away sometime after it had been flushed and had not cut off properly. It was quite clear to our plumber that due to the fact that the porcelain had this crack, the best action would be to change the whole cistern for a new one. Incorporating a new syphon and inlet valve.

We were able to install a new cistern on top of the existing pan, as this was fully functioning and had no leaks.

We are constantly busy in the South Lakes area and specialize in offering a very fast service. We are usually on site within the hour of the initial call. So if you are based in the South Lakes in any of the rural areas, villages and farms and have a plumbing emergency call 015394 68059.