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The other day we received a call from a gentleman who owned a flat in Kendal which was rented out to a young couple.

The bath hot water tap had sprung a severe leak at the connection under the bath and the flat below had been badly affected by the water.

The tenant had managed to isolate the water so the situation was under control.

We fixed the leak and reconnected the water supply much to the relief of the tenant and the landlord.

Being in the middle of a plumbing emergency can be one of the most stressful situations you might find your self in.We strive to reduce your stress by offering you the fastest service available and are usually onsite within an hour of your call,often sooner.

There are certain things you can do to reduce the stress from the situation and the most inportant is to turn the water off at the main home stopcock usually located under the kitchen sink at the back of the cupboard.Its usually a large brass handled tap which you need to turn clockwise to turn off.Sometimes the stopcock is in another location like a cloakroom or rarely is not inside at all,in which case you need to know where your main outside water stopcock valve is situated.

Cumbria Emergency Plumbers in Kendal were kept busy at vicarsfield in Kendal when they were asked to fix a leak in a toilet.

Another emergency callout was attended in Kendal at Broad Ing Crescent to look at another leak in a bathroom ceiling.

A bad leak was found and fixed as an emergency callout from Cumbria Emergency Plumbers in Kendal at Rinkfield.

A toilet not flushing at a property on Glebe Road in Kendal was fixed promptly by Cumbria Emergency Plumbers.

Kendal Plumber

Plumber In Kendal