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Our Milnthorpe Plumber received a call from a lady in Leasghyll , a small village near Milnthorpe Kendal. She was at her parents house where she had

noticed a severe leak in the downstairs toilet for which she had had to turn the water supply off for the whole building to control. This was a concern as it was particularly cold weather with ice and snow everywhere so there was

no heating in the property. Understanding the seriousness and urgency of the situation we were onsite within half an hour of the initial call much to the delight of all concerned.

Our plumber fixed the problem swiftly repairing a split to the pipe and repairing a leaking inlet valve in the downstairs toilet which resolved the leak much to the satisfaction of the anxious customers. It was an old house where there were a number of non urgent issues which we were happy to give advice on.

If you need a Milnthorpe plumber please call 01539 468059.

This is just one example of many jobs we do in the South Lakes, Kendal area

and small villages surrounding Kendal.

For instance we were in Stavely recently where a gentleman told us he had a leak in the ceiling where water was pouring down near the light fixtures. We located the source of the leak promptly and fixed it.

Another job involved an outside tap which was leaking in Burneside in Kendal. A handyman on site had tried to install a new tap which had not worked .Our plumber swiftly rectified the problem.

Having any kind of plumbing emergency can be very stressful.We strive to take away as much of the as possible by getting to you fast !

There are also a couple of things you should know to help keep things calm until we arrive.Firstly know the location of your inside water stopcock so that you can turn off the water.

Secondly find out where you main outside stopcock valve is.