Plumber In Grasmere

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Here at Cumbria Emergency plumber we always enjoy going to the lovely village of

Grasmere with its Gingerbread Shop ( we always pop in the buy some before we leave)

, cobbled streets and delightful scenery. So when we received a call from a gentleman

in Grasmere we were delighted to go within 20 minutes to replace to outside outdated

taps that would not accept a water hose. It was our pleasure to supply two new taps

with excellent hose attachments. The pipe to one of the taps was a very unusual and a

rare black plastic one which was probably fitted in the 1950’s. We recommended that

he replace them with 15mm white plastic john guest pipe at some time in the future

as we have seen this black pipe before and it is usually better to replace it as it can

become problematic.

Our Grasmere emergency plumber recently attended to a burst outside pipe in Broadgate Grasmere

Our emergency plumber Grasmere also fixed a toilet on Easedale Road Grasmere

Our emergency plumber Grasmere fixed two dripping outside taps on Swan Lane Grasmere

Our emergency plumber fixed a leak at The Bridge House Hotel, Grasmere where water was coming through the ceiling in reception.

The Inn (Red Lion) Grasmere where a radiator pipe was damaged

Leaking pipe in Mungrisedale sorted quickely

At The Coach House in Skelwith Bridge, Grasmere a leaking bath pipe was fixed

Burst water pipe on Easedale Road, Grasmere sorted

So if you need a plumber in Grasmere call us now !