Plumbers in Cockermouth 01900 878 334

Plumbers in Cockermouth 01900 878 334

We received a call from a gentleman in Castlegate, Cockermouth.

He had a leak underneath the sink. The customer had tried to fix it himself but had made the leak worse. He then had to turn off the water to the property.

We were on site within 20 minutes of the initial phone call and we pride ourselves on offering this level of immediate service. On examination our plumber noticed that the compression nut had been tightened so much it had deformed the pipe. This is a common problem that happens when home owners try and tighten leaky valves. Over tightening can not only deform the tight but can also split the olive inside. The faulty section of pipe was removed and a new flexible tap connector with an isolation valve was

installed. If any connection to a tap or valve does not have an isolater valve ( such as a toilet) it is always a good idea to install one. So if in the future any maintenance needs to be carried out it can be isolated at that location. Rather than turn the water off to the entire property.

So if you are in Cockermouth or the surrounding area and need a Cockermouth emergency plumbers fast, call 01900 878 334  now and we will usually be with you within the hour.

We also cover all the villages hotels and farms surrounding Cockermouth

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So if you are in Cockermouth or any of the surrounding villages and need a plumber look no further than Cumbria emergency plumbers.

With years of experience of the local area we are perfectly placed to deal with your plumbing issues no matter how big or small.

Plumbers in Cockermouth 01900 878 334