Plumbing Emergency Ambleside

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Plumbing Emergency Ambleside

We received a call yesterday from a lady on Rydal Rd Ambleside who had noticed water pouring from the attic.

She was naturally very worried and asked us to get there as soon as we could.

When we got there the fault was found and quickly fixed much to the relief of the lady who said she was delighted with the quick response.

So if you need an emergency plumber in Ambleside please call 01539468059 for lightning fast service.

Some of the emergency plumbing jobs in Ambleside we have done include :

Compston Street Ambleside where our emergency plumber Ambleside fixed a leak in the 1st floor bathroom

Millans Park Ambleside where our emergency plumber Ambleside changed a faulty toilet syphon

Winnsfell Road Ambleside where our emergency plumber  fixed a dripping stop cock

Wateredge Inn Ambleside where there was a bad leak in the boiler room

Main Street Hawkeshead where our emergency plumber Ambleside changed a toilet

Station Road Coniston where our emergency plumber Ambleside fixed a faulty valve in the attic feed tank which was gushing water into the street

Bourman Road in Ambleside where we promptly fixed a leak

The Quaysiders Club in Ambleside where our plumber changed a faulty mixer tap

Windermere Boat Club where our plumber fixed a very bad leak, in time for an event that evening.

Oak Bank Cottage in Loweswater emergency callout because toilet flush not functioning. We replaced the syphon,

repositioned the ball valve and a leaking connection was fixed.

Appleby Road in Kendal Emergency callout to sort out burst pipe.

Great Cross near Kendal to fit a new pipe to a toilet.

Call out to fix a copious leak at Stockghyll Brow in Ambleside

To source a leak at Under Loughrigg, Coniston

Visit to Ooh La La shop in Ambleside to flat above that had an ongoing leak in the ceiling

Our Emergency Plumber visited Longrigg Park in Ambleside to sort out a leaking tap

Emergency call out in Ambleside, to attend to a bad leak in airing cupboard fixed within the hour.

Attended a bad leak in an inlet valve in header tank in Ambleside. Sorted the same day.

Our plumber attended at  leaking toilet at Birch Road in Ambleside.

water pouring through a ceiling into a kitchen at The Falls. Ambleside was attended to by one of our plumbers.

So if you have a plumbing emergency in Ambleside and need a plumber fast call us now on 01539 468059

We aim to have a plumber on site in Ambleside within an hour of your call