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We were recently called to attend a job in Alston where water was pouring through a ceiling.

Upon examining the bathroom upstairs there was no obvious leak coming from the bath, shower, toilet or sink. Our Emergency Plumber then proceeeded to open a section of pipe boxing where we found a very small leak from a 22mm compression nut. This leak had been going on for a long time and had been disguised by fibre glass insulation in the cavity betweek the ceiling and floor above. This had acted as a sponge and for some time had been soaking up water and had become so saturated that it began to drip through the ceiling. Alston Emergency Plumbers removed the sodden insulation and repaired the fault. The gentleman in Alston was very happy that our plumber had discovered the leak in a timely manner.

So if you are in Alston and need an emergency plumber please call
Alston Emergency Plumbers on 01768 862017 for a fast and efficient service.