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Emergency Plumber Wigton

Emergency Plumber Wigton are delighted to offer a lightening fast, emergency plumbing service for

Wigton and the surrounding area. Having attended many emergency plumbing call outs in Wigton

we have a great knowledge of the area. We pride ourselves on the speed on which we attend to

plumbing emergencies in Wigton, and will usually be on site fixing your plumbing problem within

one hour of your initial call.

Whilst we strive to offer you the best and fastest service possible you should know where your stop tap is. That way you can turn off the water to your home until the plumber arrives.

The indoor stop tap is usually under the sink in the kitchen and like all taps should be turned clockwise to stop the water.

The outside stop tap is most times at the front of the house and says WATER or W on the cover.

Some of the jobs we have already done in Wigton include:

Burnside where there was an emergency leak due to nail going into pipe

Union Street, Wigton where our emergency plumber Wigton fixed a broken toilet.

Wheatsheaf Lane, Wigton where our plumber Wigton fixed a burst pipe.

If you have any plumbing issues whatsoever in Wigton or the surrounding area please call

01228 812604 for lightening fast service.

Our emergency plumbers also cover all the villages hotels and farms surrounding Wigton including

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With a great knowledge of the local area Cumbria emergency plumbers are there for you.

Cumbria Emergency Plumbers

47 Station Rd, Keswick, Cumbria CA12 4NB

Tel: 017687 75812 Mob: 07766015653