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Plumber in Keswick 017687 75812

We were called to a job as an emergency callout in High Portinscale,plumber in Keswick. Leak was found and fixed.

A customer at Briar Rigg  had an airlock in the toilet which Cumbria Emergency Plumbers attended and sorted with the hour.

Another satisfied customer on Helvellyn Street, after our plumber attended a leak and sourced it and fixed it.

A customer on Borrowdale Road  had a very bad leak under a kitchen sink that needed attention straightaway. Our Plumber attended within half and hour and fixed the leak with the hour. Satisfied and happy customer.

Here at Cumbria Emergency Plumbers we have a mission to get to you as soon as possible,usually we get there well with in an hour of your first telephone call.We know how stressful a plumbing emergency is and aim to remove as much of that stress as humanly possible by providing an excellent and speedy service.

There are also a couple of things you can do yourself to reduce the stress from the situation.The first is to know where your main home water stopcock is located.This is usually in the cupbaord under the sink and is often a large brass tap handle,which you turn clockwise to turn the water off.Sometimes the stopcock is in a different location so it vital to find out so that you can turn the water off inside your home until the plumber arrives.

Another thing every householder should know is where their main outside stopcock valve is located.This can be situated under a square or round plate usually outside at the front of the house.The plate will usually have a W on the front and may need to be prized open with a flat headed screw driver.