Wigton Plumber

Here at Cumbria Emergency Plumbers we received a a call from a lady in Wigton saying that water was dripping through a ceiling.

Our emergency plumber was at the property within 45 minutes of the call and quickly discovered the source of the leak which was coming from the cold water feed from a sink in the room above.

The lady was very relieved to have the leak fixed and said she was delighted with the service that she received and the timely manner in which it was attended to.

So if you are in Wigton and need an emergency plumber Wigton please call Cumbria Emergency Plumbers now for fast immediate service.

Plumbing emergencies are what we specialize in and with us you are in good hands.

Having been in the plumbing industry for many years we have a great understanding about the stress this can cause and strive to reduce your stress by offering an excellent level of service.When a leak appears out of nowhere the first thing you need to do is turn the water of at the stopcock.

Knowing where your stopcock is is essential as without that you are in a very stressful situation indeed.Most often the main stopcock is situated under the kitchen sink,usually at the back of the cupboard behind all your boxes and cleaning clutter.Sometimes it is in another location like a cloakroom.Rarely there is no stopcock inside and the only way to isolate the water is then to know where your main outside stopcock valve is,every householder should know where the main outside stopcock is !