Plumber Cartmel

Here at Cumbria Emergency Plumbers we received a call from The Kings Arms Cartmel where one of the guest showers was faulty.

Importantly the room was booked out that night,and therefore a plumber was needed urgently !

We were there within an hour of the call and promptly changed the faulty shower over for a new one .

So if you are are in Cartmel and need a plumber please call 01539 468059 for fast efficient service.

Plumber Cartmel

Having a plumbing emergency can be one of the most stressful of situations.We strive to reduce that stress as much as humanly possible by offering a very fast and efficient service.In fact we pride ourselves on the level of service we offer and have a mission to get to to job as soon as possible after your initial telephone call.We are usually there onsite within an hour if not sooner.

There are however a number of things you can do your self to help reduce the stress of the situation.The very first and most important is to know where your main home water stopcock is located so that if you have a leak you can isolate the water until the plumber gets there.This is usually under the sink at the back of the cupboard.