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Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine. Here at Cumbria Emergency Plumbers we are available throughout the whole

Christmas time. On Boxing Day we received a call from a young gentleman who was here with his family visiting

relatives in a beautiful farmhouse outside the village of Gamblesby near Penrith. On Christmas Day the young

man had had a funny turn and fallen onto the bath tap which jolted it and resulted in a severe leak. They had isolated

the water so the situation was under control but this was obviously very inconvenient as the house was full of family

members wanting to continue with festivities. The tap itself had been damaged beyond repair and as they had a very

specific and expensive requirement the best I could do for them was remove the tap and isolate the water inlet

supply to the tap. This enabled them to put the water back on and this allowed them to continue with their

Christmas festivites. Luckily they had a number of bathrooms in the property. It was an unusual bath in so far as the

tap came straight out of the wall into the middle of the bath, not being attached to the bath itself. Perhaps not the

best idea for a tap something they could work out at a later date, so Ho HO Ho Merry Christmas and so if you have

a plumbing emergency at a time of year when most plumbers are on holiday or at a time of day when most plumbers

will not be available please call us as we work 24/7 364 days a year! You will receive not only out of hours service but

also an incredibly fast response which we pride ourselves on.Plumber Gamblesby Penrith.

Cumbria Emergency Plumbers were called out to Beacon Street to look at a leak in a wall in Penrith

Call us on for all your Plumbing Emergencies on  01768 775812.

01768 775812 and we will usually be with you within the hour.

We have many happy customers in Penrith and the surrounding villages some local places we have worked include :

Wetheriggs Rise Penrith where our emergency plumber fixed a leaking shower/

Musgrave Street Castletown Penrith where our emergency plumber fixed a leaking toilet.

Castlegate Drive Penrith where our emergency plumber fixed a burst pipe.

York Street Castletown Penrith where our emergency plumber fixed a dripping overflow.

Brunswick Square Penrith where our emergency plumber fixed a leaking radiator valve.

Graham Street Penrith where our emergency plumber fitted a sink which needed doing urgently as the tenant was moving in the next day.

We also have many happy customers in the area and villages surrounding Penrith some of who include :

The Rampsbeck Country House Hotel Ullswater Nr Penrith where our emergency plumber Penrith fixed a leaking shower pipe.

Berrier Rd Greystoke where our emergency plumber Penrith replaced the faulty toilet syphon

Howard Park Greystoke where our emergency plumber Penrith fixed a leak coming through the ceiling

Finkle Street Pooley Bridge where there was a leaking toilet which our emergency plumber Penrith fixed promptly

Salkeld Rd Langwathby where Penrith  emergency plumbers  replaced a faulty toilet inlet valve.

Scaur Lane Lazonby where our emergency plumber Penrith changed the faulty kitchen mixer taps for brand new ones with a 10 year guarentee.

St Johns Rd Stainton where our emergency plumber Penrith fixed a leaking washing machine connection

Helton Rd Askham where Penrith emergency plumbers fixed a faulty radiator

Clifton Primary School Clifton Nr Penrith where Penrith emergency plumbers changed a faulty toilet valve

Crown Square Penrith where our plumber fixed a faulty toilet

Greystock Park Close Penrith where a toilet was faulty

Skirsgill Lane Emont Bridge Nr Penrith where a handyman had punctured a radiator pipe.

The Black Swan Inn Culgaith where an old outdated sized pipe had sprung a leak.

Leaking pipe attended to at Huntley Avenue in Penrith, business premises next to Lakes School

Leak in a kitchen in Culgaith near Penrith

Cyprus Way in Penrith we dealt with a leaking under floor pipe.

Our Emergency Plumber attended to a kitchen sink at Stackstones Farm near Penrith to find an underflow leak

Leak under a floorboard at Strickland House, Penrith, sorted within two hours by Cumbria Emergency Plumbers

Bath tap snapped and leaking so fixed as soon as possible in Rennick, Gamblesby

Leaking pipe under floorboards at Sunny Bank Stainton, Penrith

Calthwaite nr Penrith where our emergency plumber fixed an urgent leak to an outside tap.

Castle Hill Road, penrith where our emergency plumber fixed an urgent leak on a toilet overflow.

Barn Croft,  Plumpton near Penrith our Emergency Plumber called out to sort out leaking ceiling

Our Plumber was called out to Ainstable near Penrith to sort out a leaking bath and then fitted two mixer taps one two successive days

Teresa had a faulty shower that needed looking at at Strickland Gate in Penrith which we attended and fixed on the same day.

A customer on Croft Avenue in Penrith had a bad leak in their toilet which we fixed pronto.

A customer in Yanwath had a leak in a ceiling which Cumbria Emergency Plumbers came to fix that same day.

Went to a job on High Bank Hill in Kirkoswald to fix a leak.

Went to Hawthorn Hill in Stainton to look at and fix a toilet.

Attended a job on Brent Road in Penrith where a tap would not stop dripping.

Attended Sand Croft, Penrith where a washing machine which had previously leaked had to be disconnected as a matter of urgency.

So if you need a plumber urgently in Penrith or the surrounding villages please do not hesitate to call Cumbria Emergency Plumbers now on

01768 775812

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