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Our plumber received a call from a gentleman in West End Great Broughton who said that the only toilet in the house was not working and could we attend asap.

plumber Great Broughton

We were there within 20 minutes of the call and soon discovered the fault which was a split washer on the syphon.This is a fairly common toilet problem and typically is due to the wear and tear that eventually leads to a split in the washer usually after many years of use.

The first signs of this are that the flush mechanism starts becoming a bit difficult so you may have to flush twice to make it flush.This gets slowly worse until the toilet wont flush at all.

Anyway,in this case we replaced the syphon for a brand new push button one much to the delight of the customer.

So if you are in Great Broughton and need a plumber please call us for fast efficient service.