Ings Plumber

Our plumber Ings attended a job at a Cottage in Ings in October. A leak had appeared in the ceiling of the adjacent holiday cottage.

The owner informed us that there were tenants in the cottage and this was an urgent matter.We were happy to be on site within 30 minutes of the initial telephone call. After gaining access to the loft which was somewhat tricky. Upon close inspection it was clear that the problem was a faulty inlet valve in the header tank which was not cutting off the water supply. The water was rising too high and going into the overflow pipe. This had also, being very old, developed a leak. So rather than directing the water to the outside of the property the water was leaking from a join in the overflow pipe. Water was therefore coming through the ceiling into the room below.

Our emergency plumber in Ings, Kendal then swiftly repaired the pipe and changed the faulty valve. The holiday makers were free to enjoy their holiday and the owner with peace of mind that the leak was fixed.

So if you are in Ings, Kendal or any of the villages and towns in South Cumbria and need a plumber fast please call 015394 68059.

Having a plumbing emergency can be a very stressful time indeed.We strive to redude your stress as much as possible by offering a excellent and fast service.

There are however a couple of things that you can do to reduce the stress and anxiety further.Firstly it is very important that you know the whereabouts of you main indoors water stopcock.

This it often a large brass tap handle in the cupboard underneath your kitchen sink.

Secondly know the location of your main outside stopcock valve.Often this is at the front of the house under a round or square plate with a W on the front.